Appoint a teacher

Complete a NOVO1t form to create a new appointment for a teacher who is either new to the school or is starting a new job at the school.

The new teacher may also require:

  • a salary assessment. Send the salary assessment form as soon as possible, with certified copies of supporting documents. The Salary Assessment Unit has a 15 working day turnaround.
  • enrolment in KiwiSaver.

Send employee forms in good time

It is recommended that you send any required forms to the employee with their appointment letter, to ensure they are paid correctly on their first pay day. Include a covering letter that explains what to complete, and provide a timeframe for them to return the forms.

  • Read through the following checklist to determine which forms to send.
  • See the Payroll calendar to determine the cut-off date for instructions in their first pay period.

Checklist of tasks

  • If the teacher (including day relievers) requires a salary assessment, provide them with a NOVO7t form and ask them to complete it and provide certified true copies as described on the form.
  • See Request a salary assessment.
    Note: The Salary Assessment Unit has a turnaround time of 15 working days to complete the assessment from the time that they receive all of the required documents.
  • Complete all sections on the NOVO1t form for the teacher.
  • Print a copy of the NOVO1t and obtain the employee's and principal's signature. It is recommended that you file the signed form in the employee's file.
  • Send the completed NOVO1t to the Education Payroll Service Centre.
  • Check the fortnightly Transaction/SUE reports to ensure the teacher is added correctly. See Manage tickets.

If you have more than one NOVO form to email to the Education Payroll Service Centre for this employee, attach each form to a separate email. See Sending forms.

Need help?

If you have questions relating to new appointments, see Contact us for the appropriate contact point.

Record keeping

Keep the following forms in the teacher's file:

  • Signed original of the NOVO1t form
  • IR330 tax declaration form
  • Copies of KiwiSaver and salary assessment forms, if applicable.

See Payroll record keeping for more details.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

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