ACC Claim - Starting a Claim

  • Confirm your employee visited a healthcare provider after their accident.
  • Confirm the health-care provider submitted an ACC form (ACC45/18) to ACC*.

*ACC will not create a claim for your employee until the employee has submitted an ACC45/18 form to them.

My employee is paid via time-sheet (or is a reliever)

If your employee is a reliever or is paid via time-sheet only, you may continue to pay them only for hours physically worked. ACC will need to pay your employee directly.
  • ACWK1 ACC work related week one can be paid as per usual process.
  • SL non work related week one can be paid as per usual process.
  • ACC may ask if your employee was expected to continue working with your school over the next term as part of the earnings assessment process.

Work Related Accident

ACC will send the school a Work Injury Claim Notification letter that;

  • informs the school about the claim,
  • asks the school to confirm that it is a work-related injury.

The letter will explain what you need to do if the:

  • claimant is not your employee, or
  • the injury is not work-related.

The employee will then receive a letter from ACC accepting or declining the employee's application for ACC cover.

Non-work Related Accident

ACC will send the employee a non-work injury claim notification letter accepting or declining their application for ACC cover.

For both work and non-work related accidents, the employee must send medical certification to ACC and request 'weekly compensation'. This will allow Novopay to book any sick leave or sick leave without pay as ACC leave or ACC without pay.

If the claimant:

  • Is a direct employee of your school, record your school's name, type and address, and their occupation on the letter. For teachers, you need to specify what type of teacher they are e.g. manual training teacher
  • Works at your school but is employed by another employer, is self-employed, or paid by a government agency, record the full name of that employer or agency on the letter.

In the meantime:

Send a Novo12 advising of time taken off whilst on ACC.

Please check that the employee has a reasonable sick leave balance*

*If your employee does not have sufficient sick leave available, make sure you book SLWOP/LWOP online to minimise any over payment and send in a Novo12 using the ACC codes below:

If an employee is returning to work on partial hours:

Send in a Novo12 stating hours actually worked.

  • This form is required to enable Novopay to complete the ACC38 for the return to work programme.
  • Leave the employee's hours on their occupancy as they are and use the Novo12 leave booking form to advise hours the employee has worked and hours the employee has not worked.
  • Please let us know if your employee has had a full time reliever working with them.

The following forms need to be sent to Novopay:

  • ACC 3 -ACC sends this form to the pay centre to advise of the employee's pay rate in order to work out the reimbursement.
  • ACC 72 - Employer submits this form for reimbursement.
  • ACC 38 - Confirmation of the employees partial return to work.
  • If the school receives ACC forms, please send these on to the Novopay Service Centre, attached to your NOVO12 leave booking form.