Frequently Asked Questions for Relievers

Question Answer
How do I open an emailed payslip?

You need to enter your 7 digit MoE number to open your email payslip. If your MoE number is not 7 digits long, add zeros at the front to make it up to 7 digits. For example:

  • If your MOE number is 12345 add two zeros at the start to make your 7 digit username 0012345

  • If your MOE number is 123456 add one zero at the start to make your 7 digit username 0123456.

If you don't know your MoE number you can find it on a previous payslip, or you can ask the payroll person at a school at which you worked to tell you your number.

Why does it say on my payslip that my pay has been stopped? The word "Stopped" on your payslip indicates the last date for which you have been paid in the current pay period. Because your timesheets mostly cover the previous pay period, often only a couple of the days you worked are in the current pay period. Any dates paid in the current pay period but worked in a previous pay period will show as "Arrears".
When do I get my holiday pay? Holiday pay is calculated as part of your daily rate and is therefore included in the gross daily figure. There is a message in the notes section of your payslip that tells you how much of your pay was holiday pay.
Who do I contact if there is something wrong with my pay? You should talk to the payroll administrator at the school(s) at which you worked and for which your pay is incorrect.
How do I get my details changed in Novopay, e.g. bank account number, email address, postal address? Ask a school for which you have recently worked to send the appropriate form to the Novopay Service Centre.