Fortnightly pay cycle

The Ministry of Education runs a fortnightly pay cycle, as shown here.

indicates a cut-off time for pay instructions and corrections. For full details on how to manage the fortnightly pay cycle, see Fortnightly pay.

NOTE: EdPay cut-offs
As we develop EdPay, an increasing number of EdPay transactions are being processed immediately.
Those still needing to be processed by your payroll advisor will show as submitted in the activity history. They follow the same process as Novo Forms, including cut-off times/dates.

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Pay periods

The pay period number counts the fortnightly pay periods 1 to 26 (or occasionally 27) from the beginning of the tax year in April. Pay periods use the following format:

pp[tax year][pay period number]

For example, pp201519 is pay period 19 in the 2015 tax year. This pay period begins on 26 November 2014.

See the Payroll calendar for pay period cut-off dates.

Note: Some reports specify pay periods the other way around, e.g. 192015.

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