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What actions can be done online and what do I need to send a form in for?

Much of your daily administration, such as timesheet entries and changing employee details can be done online. But for tasks such as setting up a new employee in Novopay you'll need to send a form to the Novopay Service Centre.

You can find more information in your Novostart packs and user guides, and there is a complete list of forms with instructions on the Novopay website.

One of the job numbers for an employee has changed - how do I know which number to use when I can't see the pay rates? In some cases the job numbers had to change when data was moved to Novopay. You can look up an employee's job numbers in Novopay Online under the My School tab (select Appointment details, then Appointments). You can also see job numbers on your SUE report. See your user guide for more details.
How do I print my work? You can use the Screen Print tab in Novopay Online. You can also print any screen you are working on at any time using the print screen button on your keyboard.
Who can answer my query and who will I hear back from? The Education Payroll Service Centre will handle your request and contact you.
Does our request go to the original person we dealt with so we don't have to explain it again to a new person? No. The staff at the Education Payroll Service Centre work as a team and all have access to the history so you don't have to explain things again.
If the Internet goes down - what do we do to enter instructions?

In the first instance please contact the Education Payroll Service Centre for instructions.

Is Novopay Online Mac compatible? Can it be used on Ipads and Androids? Yes. Novopay Online is Mac compatible, but you can't access it from Ipads and Androids.
What is the Novopay Service Centre standard response time? Please refer to the Sector Service Standards, which can be found in the Novostart 3 pack under the Training tab.
What if we don't have a scanner - how do we send in signed forms?

Most of your work can be done online. But if the Education Payroll Service Centre needs to sight a signed form and you don't have a scanner, you need to post a hard copy in to them.

When is Online Chat available? Online Chat is available during Education Payroll Service Centre hours - 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, except on national Public Holidays.
We run an in-house payroll for support staff - can we move these employees to Novopay? Yes. Contact the Education Payroll Service Centre for details
What is the date format used by Novopay Online? Novopay Online uses a day, month, year format (DD/MM/YY).
Why does the 'End Date' field in Novopay Online default to 31 December 2049?

This is not an error and you can change it. It is important that you enter the correct End Date as soon as possible for all fixed-term employees - or if any employee resigns.

The reason for the default is that Novopay Online requires an end date for all permanent employment contracts (except day relievers) and won't let you submit data without one. So a default date was inserted into that field when staff records were transferred to Novopay Online. We recommend you change it when you are checking employee details.

Do we have to use Novopay Online - can we just download the NOVO forms and use these? The preferred process is to use Novopay Online - it is faster, more efficient and you get instant confirmation of your data entry. But when necessary you can use a CSV template and upload it, or access NOVO forms and send them in (templates and form are under the Forms tab in Novopay Online).
What options do we have to do a bulk file upload in Novopay Online? To do any upload into Novopay Online your files must be in CSV format.
Can you see union membership in Novopay Online? No. There is no specific field for union membership. However, Novopay Online and your SUE report both show if an employee is on a Collective Employement Agreement, although this does not always mean they are still union members.
What do I do if an employee doesn't appear on our employee list in Novopay Online? Who and what you can see in Novopay Online depends on your access level. Only authorised users with school-wide access can see all school employee details. You won't see relievers' details because they are not employees of your school.
Does Novopay Online know how many units a school is allocated - and will we get alerts if we exceed them? Novopay doesn't monitor the allocation of salary units - this is your school's responsibility. There are no alerts - the Ministry monitors allocations and will contact you if necessary.
Are police checks for support staff included in Novopay Online - will we get alerts when they are due? There is no change to current practice of police checking. This information is not held in Novopay Online.