Data Conversion

Question Answer
Will we have to configure anything ourselves? No. But it is important to have your school's payroll instructions up-to-date by 9 August 2012.
Before go-live I sent in details about a teacher taking a sabbatical and the reliever - do I need to do anything now? If the teacher started their leave before go-live you now need to enter the end date in Novopay Online.
Is all leave history in Novopay Online - what about for very long serving teachers? Historical data is held in Novopay, but you can't view it online. If you need access to the information you can contact the Education Payroll Service Centre.
Can I see historical employee details, such as pay rates? Novopay has been creating employee history since the go-live date and you can view this online. Past history is being held in Novopay but you can't view it online - but you can find it in past SUE reports. You can also contact the Education Payroll Service Centre if you need access to historical information.
Who fixes data that is incorrectly converted? The quality of the converted data reflects the state of the original data. There was a significant amount of data cleansing done before go-live, but if you find incorrect data in Novopay Online you can submit corrections to the Education Payroll Service Centre - email