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The principal's payroll records

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Who advises the principal's pay details to the Education Payroll Service Centre? The Ministry advises the Education Payroll Service Centre of the principal's pay details after the 1 November Provisional Rolls and the 1 March Confirmed Rolls.
How are the principal's leave or personal details updated? Novopay Online does not allow changes to a principal's salary details. If other changes need to be made, download the relevant NOVO form. If the form requires a signature, it must be signed by a designated board member (not the principal, or a school or student representative) and sent to the Education Payroll Service Centre.

To send a NOVO form, either:

  • another authorised user emails a scanned copy of the form/approval and the school keeps the original on file, or
  • if you don't have a scanner, or the principal is the only authorised user, the signed original can be posted, and the school keeps a copy.
Does the principal's annual leave show in the system? No. A principal's annual leave balance is not currently held in Novopay. This is part of the information that must be kept by the board.
Who can view the principal's details in Novopay Online? Only the principal can see their records.

Using Novopay Online

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Does the principal need to know how to use Novopay? Yes. They are the only ones with access to all school employee details, including their own, and the only ones who can change a school-wide administrator's details. A principal cannot delegate this access.

See Information for Novopay authorised users.

What can a principal do in Novopay Online? The principal has full access to their school's records and reports and can change all details except their own.

Because payroll administrators cannot alter their own pay details, the principal (or another administrator with higher access rights) must manage the administrators' pay.

See Authorised user access.