Authorised user access

Only authorised users can access the Education Payroll Service (i.e. the Education Payroll Service Centre and Novopay Online). Authorised users are the people within schools who have been delegated authority to carry out payroll activities. A school can have as many authorised users as needed. The responsibilities of individual authorised users will vary between schools.

See how to Request access to Education Payroll Service.

Access types

There are four different access levels in Novopay. You can choose who should be in each group. Your access type defines what you can see and do in Novopay Online.

Access type View staff records? View reports? Add, update, delete records?
Principal Yes Yes Yes, except own
School-wide administrator Yes, except principal's or another school-wide administrator's Yes Yes, except own or principal's or another school-wide administrator's
External administrator (no MoE number) Yes, except principal's Yes Yes, except principal's or another school-wide administrator's
All other authorised users* Only specific records No Only specific records/actions (not own or any other authorised user's)

*reliever, teacher, non-teacher, community education, out-of-hours music teacher

Log in to Novopay Online

If you are an authorised user, enter your user name and password in the Novopay Online login screen.

Your user name is your 7-digit MoE number (which is not the same as your Teacher Registration number). If your MoE number is shorter than this, add zeros at the front to make it up to 7 digits, e.g. 12345 becomes 0012345 and 123456 becomes 0123456.

You will be given a temporary password. You'll be prompted to change your password the first time you log in, then every 60 days.

If you have questions relating to payroll administration at your school, see Contact us for the appropriate contact point.

Acting principal

There can be only one person at a school with Principal access to the Education Payroll Service. If the principal is away for more than two weeks, and another employee is in an 'acting principal' role, see Appoint an acting principal for options to set up access to the Novopay Service.

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