Known issues in Novopay Online

Check this page regularly to see what Novopay Online issues are currently identified, what you need to do in the interim, and when the issue will be fixed.

Updated 28 May 2013

Attestation reports

Issue What is wrong What to do When it will be fixed
Incorrect details  An employee appears on the School Attestation report but their details/dates may not be correct.

If you believe that the employee is due an increment, complete the Attestation report providing any corrected details and email it to Novopay Service Centre. They will calculate the increment and correct the details/dates.

Increment payments Increments have been paid but employees are still appearing on the attestation report

Check your SUE report for the relevant payperiod to see if the employee has received the incremental payment.

Increments not yet paid A school has sent their completed Attestation to the Novopay Service Centre but the increment has not yet been processed.

Do not send a second instruction as the Novopay Service Centre has received the instruction and provided a ticket number. 

There is currently a backlog but they will calculate and process the increment including any backpay, if applicable.


Leave Balances

Issue What is wrong What to do When it will be fixed
Incorrectly processed leave bookings Due to incorrect leave balances some leave bookings are incorrectly processed as Leave without Pay or Sick Leave without pay

If the employee was entitled to paid leave, email the Novopay Service Centre to correct the leave booking with the subject line:  Leave booking correction

From June 2013