Day Reliever Payslips

Here's a useful fact sheet if you have questions about how and when you receive your payslips.

From November 2012 relievers' payslips will give you more information about the pay you have received. In the notes section of your payslip you will now find:

  • Days and hours for which you have been paid
  • The schools at which you worked
  • Mileage that you have been paid.

Sample primary reliever payslip

Sample secondary reliever payslip

If you have questions about what is shown on your payslip you can also read the How to read your payslip guide.

If you have any questions about your payslip, please contact the payroll administrator at the school(s) you worked at during the pay period.

If you need another copy of your payslip, please complete and send us this online form.

Your email payslip is password protected - use your MoE number.

This has been added as a security feature to protect sensitive pay information sent by email. If you can't remember your MoE number you can find it on a previous payslip. This is NOT the same as your teacher registration number.

Novopay requires a 7 digit MoE number, so if your MoE number is only 5 or 6 digits you need to add zeros at the front to make it longer. For example 12345 becomes 0012345, and 123456 becomes 0123456.