Handy hints and tips

Novopay Online is an automated system that allows you to enter payroll instructions directly into the system. This means that your instructions do not have to be interpreted or re-entered by pay clerks.

When you email the Novopay Service Centre the information on forms is automatically read by the system. The coded letters at the bottom of the form identify the type of instruction for Novopay. It is vital that you download original forms, fully complete them and submit them correctly.

Here are some handy hints to help you with using Novopay.

When sending payroll instructions

Do Don't
Use Novopay Online to submit payroll instructions where possible. This ensures timely and accurate information is available at all times. Give up if you are having trouble completing instructions in Novopay Online please contact the Novopay Service Centre who will help you.
Save and validate transactions when you enter them into Novopay Online even if you don't intend to post them until later. This will ensure that if there are validation errors you can correct and post them in time before the online cut-off. 

When completing and sending manual forms to the Novopay Service Centre

Do Don't

Ensure you fill out all the required fields (particularly hours worked, even if they worked a whole day) on the NOVO form and attach the required supporting documentation.

Put payroll instructions in the body of an email. Valid payroll instructions must be sent in on the appropriate Novo form attached to the email.

Use the original NOVO form available on the website, not copies of copies. Please ensure you scan forms as PDF (Adobe reader) files and not as JPEGs (photo/media).

Make multiple photocopies of the same form as this reduces the readability of the form and the automatic form reading software is unable to process it.

Use the following convention for email subject lines when sending payroll instructions: Form name, employee name, employee MOE #. E.g. NOVO15t / Jane Doe / 1234567.

Send lengthy emails where the payroll instruction is hidden in the correspondence! These take time to read through and add to the processing time.

When calling or sending emails to the Novopay Service Centre

Do Don't

Have your school number and the employees' details/MoE numbers to hand so the Novopay Service Centre can swiftly deal with your request.

Call or send emails to the service centre to check if your query/form has been accepted. This increases the queues at the Service Centre and call wait times for other users.

Put the query type at the start of the subject of an email. For example: STOP pay, Overpayment, Underpayment. Send emails without a clear subject line (for example when replying to newsflashes etc) as it is hard to categorise these emails and send to the relevant processing queues.